Get to know your way around the Sitka, Sitka Sound, and the Tonagss National Forest of Southeast Alaska!



All tours meet on the MARINA SIDE of Harrigan Centennial Hall adjacent to Crescent Harbor, located at: 
330 Harbor Drive, Sitka, Alaska 99835

For those embarking on the explorative journeys of Sitka's natural wonders, the meeting point is easily accessible. This central location is conveniently situated and serves as the perfect starting point for adventures.

Our Area

Sitka Sound

Sitka Sound, a serene expanse of the North Pacific, is an aquatic wonderland situated in the heart of Southeast Alaska. Its tranquil waters and intricate coastline provide a mosaic of habitats that play host to an astonishing diversity of marine life. The Sound is cradled by the verdant islands and coastal mountains of the region, creating a sheltered haven that serves as one of the most dynamic environments for wildlife in Alaska.

What makes Sitka Sound truly exceptional is its rich, nutrient-dense waters, which result from the unique combination of tidal exchanges and freshwater influx from melting glaciers and mountain streams. This confluence creates a fertile marine environment that supports vast schools of herring and other forage fish, drawing in an array of larger marine predators. Sitka Sound is a premier destination for whale watching, with its waters frequented by humpback whales that display awe-inspiring feeding behaviors like bubble-net feeding. It's also common to spot orcas patrolling the shores, their distinct dorsal fins cutting through the water's surface.

Additionally, the Sound is a critical habitat for sea otters, sea lions, and harbor seals, offering visitors glimpses of these charismatic creatures in their natural settings. Avian life is equally vibrant, with seabirds such as puffins, murres, and the majestic bald eagle thriving along its rocky outposts. The Sound's biological productivity not only fosters a robust food web but also contributes to the cultural richness of the area, supporting subsistence and commercial fisheries that are integral to the local communities.

Sitka Sound's combination of spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, and cultural significance makes it a microcosm of Alaskan wilderness and maritime heritage, where every vista tells a story and every wave whispers the cycles of life.

Southeast Alaska

Tongass National Forest

The Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska stands as a natural marvel, sprawling across 17 million acres and hailed as the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. Within this verdant expanse, ancient giants rise: Sitka spruces and western hemlocks, some soaring for over 800 years, form a dense canopy that supports an intricate web of life. This lush landscape harbors over 400 species of wildlife, from the dense populations of American Bald Eagles, which number around 100,000, to the elusive coastal wolves that slip like shadows through the underbrush.It is also the domain of the formidable brown bear, with the forest boasting one of the highest concentrations of these apex predators in North America.

The waterways and streams of the Tongass are vital breeding grounds for Pacific salmon, with all five species using these clear waters to spawn, sustaining not only the bears but an entire ecosystem that includes the forest itself. Remarkably, the Tongass is more than a sanctuary for biodiversity; it is a critical carbon sink, sequestering an estimated 8% of the total carbon stored in all U.S. national forests, mitigating climate change and maintaining ecological balance. This ancient forest, a blend of ecological complexity and environmental significance, makes Southeast Alaska a truly special place on Earth.

Gallant Adventures whale watching tour in the heart of the Tongass National Forest Map of Southeast Alaska

Our Town

Downtown Sitka

Nestled on the west side of Baranof Island, the town of Sitka exudes a charm that is both historical and wild. This picturesque community is steeped in a rich tapestry of Tlingit culture and Russian colonial history, evident in its art, architecture, and museums. Sitka's past as the capital of Russian America is still alive in the onion domes of St. Michael's Cathedral and the storied walls of the Bishop's House. Surrounded by the lush Tongass National Forest and the expansive Sitka Sound, the town is a gateway to outdoor adventure, where the boundary between civilization and wilderness blurs, allowing for an authentic Alaskan experience. For detailed maps of Sitka and other activities check out:


Per Person
3 Hr Wildlife Boat Tour
Sitka Sound

Embark on an intimate 3-hour Wildlife Boat Tour and immerse yourself in the unique marine ecosystem of Sitka Sound. With Gallant Adventures, you'll experience a personalized journey through Alaska's oceanic wonders, perfect for both ardent wildlife enthusiasts and casual explorers.

Per Person
Extended 5 HR Wildlife Boat Tour
Sitka Sound

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary marine realm of Sitka Sound with Gallant Adventures on our 5-hour Extended Wildlife Boat Tour. This journey is an invitation to embrace the sheer beauty and wildness of Alaska's oceanic treasures with a more leisurely pace and a deeper exploration.