Embarking on a wildlife tour with Gallant Adventures in Sitka Sound offers a tantalizing possibility to encounter a wide range of mammals. While nature’s spontaneity means that sightings are part of the day's surprise, the rich biodiversity of the area provides ample opportunity for some truly memorable encounters. Here's a glimpse into the possible mammalian inhabitants you might come across:

Humpback Whales:
Known for their majestic breaches and playful tail slaps.
Orcas (Killer Whales): The striking black-and-white predators of the ocean.
Gray Whales: Often spotted on their migratory routes.
Minke Whales: Smaller than humpbacks but equally fascinating.
Sea Otters: Adorable and playful, often seen floating and feeding.
Harbor Seals: Commonly spotted lounging on rocks near the shore.
Steller Sea Lions: Notable for their size and loud vocalizations.
Alaska Brown Bears: Majestic creatures, often seen along coastlines.
Sitka Black-Tailed Deer: Graceful and agile, native to the region's forests.
Dall’s Porpoises: Fast and playful, often seen riding the bow wave of boats.
Pacific White-Sided Dolphins: Known for their acrobatic jumps and energetic behavior.
Mink: Small, elusive mammals often seen near the water's edge.
River Otters: Sleek and active, primarily found in freshwater environments.


Sitka Sound, a birdwatcher's paradise, offers an exceptional opportunity to witness a wide array of bird species in their natural habitat. The area's rich ecosystems support a vast diversity of avian life, making it a premier destination for birding enthusiasts. While the sightings of these feathered inhabitants can vary with the seasons and weather conditions, he a comprehensive overview of the bird species you might encounter while on a wildlife excursion with Gallant Adventures:

Bald Eagles: Majestic and iconic, often seen perched in high trees or soaring overhead.
Puffins: Both the Horned and Tufted Puffins can be spotted, especially near rocky coastlines.
Common Murres: Sleek and agile, these birds are often seen diving for fish.
Black Oystercatchers: Recognizable by their bright orange beaks, typically found along the shoreline.
Marbled Murrelets: Small and elusive, known for nesting in the old-growth forests.
Rhinoceros Auklets: With their unique horn-like projections, they’re a delight to spot.
Pelagic Cormorants: Sleek and dark, often seen drying their wings on buoys or rocks.
Red-faced Cormorants: Slightly more colorful than their pelagic cousins, found in similar habitats.
Gulls: Various species including Glaucous-winged and Herring Gulls are common sights.Great Blue Herons: Statuesque and elegant, often found in shallows hunting for fish.
Northern Fulmars: Oceanic birds, usually spotted offshore.
Kittiwakes: Both Black-legged and Red-legged Kittiwakes frequent the area.
Harlequin Ducks: Colorful and distinctive, often seen in fast-flowing coastal waters.
Surf Scoters: Recognizable by their unique bill shapes and plumage.
Red-breasted Mergansers: A type of diving duck, often seen in small groups.
Pacific Loons: Elegant divers, known for their striking breeding plumage.Aleutian Terns: Seasonal visitors with a distinctive flying pattern.
Barrow's Goldeneyes: Striking ducks, often seen in colder months.

Each birding trip through Sitka Sound is a journey of discovery, as the varying seasons bring different species to the forefront. The experience of observing these birds, whether they are local residents or migratory visitors, offers a unique insight into the richness of Alaska's avian biodiversity.


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3 Hr Wildlife Boat Tour
Sitka Sound

Embark on an intimate 3-hour Wildlife Boat Tour and immerse yourself in the unique marine ecosystem of Sitka Sound. With Gallant Adventures, you'll experience a personalized journey through Alaska's oceanic wonders, perfect for both ardent wildlife enthusiasts and casual explorers.

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Extended 5 HR Wildlife Boat Tour
Sitka Sound

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary marine realm of Sitka Sound with Gallant Adventures on our 5-hour Extended Wildlife Boat Tour. This journey is an invitation to embrace the sheer beauty and wildness of Alaska's oceanic treasures with a more leisurely pace and a deeper exploration.